Some things That Your Business Must Have In 2019

Things that you must have in your business in 2019: An online presence, Good customer service, Branding, Marketing and a plan.
What you must have in your business in 2019.

While at work, we started discussing about what we thought some businesses needed to change or have this coming year. After the long discussion, I thought we compile the list of some of the things that people mentioned that were serious and that would work to improve businesses in 2019. If you alread have this implemented and functional for your business, keep calm and wait for more tips that will be coming through out the year.

  • An Online presence
  • Good Customer service
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategies
  • A Plan


As Sokobrand, we advocate for businesses venturing into the digital world. This refers to having an online presence. Therefore, I will start with : You need an online presence.

What is an online presence?

When we talk of having an online presence, we are saying have social media platforms, a website, do advertisements online on other people’s sites whose agenda is similar to yours, open a Vlog or Blog, start a podcast etc.. Basically, make some noise using your mobile device or computer.

I will add by saying, you don’t need to have all those forms of online presence. Probably just one or two. Feel free to talk to us to guide you on what would best work for your business.

Why an Online Presence?

  1. Helps your business get a larger market and allows for it to grow beyond its geographical location.
  2. If your business is one that is specific for a given location, an online presence enables your customers to easily find you. e.g you can have your business listed in a local listing or even on your social media pages so that your clients can find you and be able to get directions to your business location.
  3. Social media(Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.) is currently the cheapest way you could advertise and has the ability to give you a global audience at the same time. Why not implement it in your business this coming year?

Customer Service

We often ignore some things that are vital for any relationship to grow. Among the things we often forget while conducting a business include the fact that how you treat people determines whether they will chose you the next time they need the services you offer. Even in a business, How you serve your customers is important. esp. if it is the first time they are your clients.

If your business has a receptionist, he/she is the one who in most cases interacts with your clients first. If he/she is angry, unfriendly, moody, etc. then be sure that the clients too will be affected and they may actually leave and never look back.

Good customer service is very important and ensures that a good relationship is established with the clients.


Branding refers to how you come out. How you look. Your reputation. A brand is not all about the logo, even though the logo is a part of it. Its what distinguishes you from your competitors. Branding represents what your business stands for.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is very important and if done right, it will help your business grow. The down side is that, when done wrong, it may only help you use up your company’s money.

A marketing strategy shoul be specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time bound (implementing the SMART marketing objectives).

Without a good marketing strategy, your marketing will hardly be fruitful. Some of the marketing strategies that are important to use this coming year include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging and Vlogging
  • Search Engine optimization and marketing
  • Find and use influencers in your field
  • I mentioned social media but id like to take it apart and mention Facebook as I believe it is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing.
  • Email Marketing


I mention planning because a plan is what makes you notice progress. It is what allows you to know whether or not your business is growing and your status improving.

There is a statement I once read:

“What You can’t Measure You Can’t Improve.”

Peter Drucker

I believe this statement is very important to understand when running a business. Simply put, if you don’t set goals, review them regularly and keep records of how your business is flowing then there is a chance that you won’t be able to know where you need to improve or where you need to focus on less as it is not necessary.

Another that was a cliche a while back but I think it is something that also has alot of meaning in it is:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Happy New Year 2019!! May it be filled with growth and expansion.

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