ONLINE PRESENCE : What is it and Why should You embrace it?!

What is Online presence?

Well, we had mentioned how important having an online presence is and other things that your business also requires this year here. Now, we go deeper on online presence.

For the past week, I have been settling in a new town and I could almost swear that everything I have done and place I have and visited was due to their online presence. Lets take a preview of how my first week has been. So I left home with no idea of where I was headed, I just checked for the place I was going to on google maps and just followed it. I got there and needed to find a restaurant and well, I just googled. Everything I have done this past few days has just been through the internet. Not to forget, Even before I chose this place, I googled and read about it and looked at photos etc.

That briefly explains how much an online presence adds value to a business. Imagine the number of people who travel in and out of the region your business serves looking for your services, people who are just browsing and come across an ad you placed and well, they remember that they needed your service, people who need a service and have to google since they don’t know where to access the service etc.

That “near me” feature on your clients-to-be mobile devices should always show you when you are near by.

An online presence includes anything that can be done through the internet. This includes social media, website, blog, vlog, podcast, local listing etc. Basically anything that gives your business a footprint on the internet.

Social Media

Social media includes stuff like instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, dribble etc. Every business has the social media channels that suites its business type and services offered. Depending on your business, you should choose the social media channels that will work well for your business and be active in them.

By being active, I mean, regularly post and respond to clients. eg. If you own a facebook page for your business, always ensure that you share photos, information either about your business or tips that people may find useful that falls under your business category . This keeps you active and allows for engagement with your clients. Always respond fast too as this helps in building rapport for your business and shows your availability and readiness to serve your clients etc.

Always ensure that your business profile is up to date and shows what you do. You mauy get tempted to lie about your business or services or oversell it. DONT!! It may work on first time clients, but it will not keep them and may also leave you with negative reviews which are not good for your business.


A website is where you let it all out. You just get an empty page and are given a pencil and you are asked to write, draw, do whatever you like. A website gives you the ability to model your business’ digital outlook without limitation other than your financial ability.

A website is basically a collection of your services, products, profile etc in form of pages(web pages). In a website, you get to give detailed information about who you are, what you do, why you do what you do and every thing else you may want to include.

Other than it showing that you own a serious business and always being able to fill that part that states “website: ” when feeling forms or it being indicated on your business cards, a website has alot of importances.

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