With the growing influx of sprouting graphic designers in the space, competition is the one thing to look out for. Behind every poster, every flyer, every t-shirt design is a million decisions. So the moment you hand out your business cards make sure it is not designed by a blindfolded beginner in the field, but make them convincing enough to sell your proposal to a client right form the handshake, to the meet-ups phase.

A good impression plays a vital role in Graphic design and it gets conversation in the right direction. How you present yourself to a client guarantees a second comeback and definitely referrals and this is good for business if you get the word out there. What then makes one outstanding in this business? You may ask.

Here are a few tips to get your foot in the door for thriving into this ever growing market of design in a professional way that is result orientated.

  1. Aesthetics: this usually the beauty in things and design is all about that need I say. Graphic Design is a field that will not make sense without aesthetics. This brings as to the fun fact, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beautiful designs and appealing ones creates a bond. Visual aesthetic goes a long way to actually influence a client to actually get into business with you.
  • Keynote presentation: yes, just like in markets, there are varied ways of how products are presented. First interactions with a design piece or a branding agency or an advertising firm really create the interaction mood.  I believe how we interact with clients is vital. Communication may be underrated because it’s all about design, but if the message is not relayed out in a clear manner, then your design process is just as good as dead.
  • Make mock –ups: mock –ups are Ideal designers will know why mock-ups are a must have. Mock –ups are just like packages, it helps sell the commodity and doing so, it already outs you in the map to success and not to mention shows how serious of a designer you are. It simplifies your work and gives the vision of what you want a client do have in image form instead of using words which at times you fail to impress the client. The thing is make mock-ups your best friend.
Image courtesy of Sokobrand

  • Simplicity is key: The minimalism aspect of design is and has been in place since its evolution. The principles and elements of design are definitely put consideration but at times black and white need to be black white or streaks. Designs deserve to breathe as well. And simplicity as cliché as it may sound go a milestone in making worthwhile designs.
Image courtesy of Pinterest
  • SWOT Analysis: the Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats analysis is not just applicable to business but also design and branding as well.  .As a start –up or an established business, it’s always good to do a SWOT Analysis this helps in on the strength and maximizing on the weaknesses. These decision will determine how your brand develop and help in outdoing the competition because after all, it’s about getting the reasonable pricings, to the right audience, with good promotion tactics and the right place .With a great SWOT analysis you stand a chance at.

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