Taglines such as “Twaweza” by Safaricom, “the smartphone Network” by Airtel, “Just do it” by Nike, “Open Happiness” by Coca-Cola, “Moving with You” “Building Your Story” for Sokobrand have been known to have an impact and are memorable.

Building your story

See the pattern? These are taglines that are catchy, inviting, fun and simple. No one wants to read a long line sentence for a tagline. It wouldn’t be a tagline anymore. Alongside these qualities, they say are memorable and recognizable and inspire emotions, some even call for actions. Bottom line a tagline has to help visualize your product or services being offered. Hence, it can be narrowed down to a descriptive and aspirational tagline.
You may be asking what a tagline is.
This is a collection of words merged in a creative way for brand, product or service identification. Just like logos, tagline serve the function of Advertising
It is not an easy task to create a tagline. Sometimes you can hire a branding or an advertising agency to formulate it for you. Whatever you do, ensure your tagline brings out the awareness to your brand. Now that we are well familiar with what a brand is.

If you are taking the tagline inspiration trip, here are a few guidelines to act as your blueprint for a great tagline;
Make a memorable tagline

It should be catchy and be able to be recognized quickly. A tagline that quickly rings a bell is a good one. For a tagline to keep people second-guessing, they will be doing the same for the brand, and we don’t want that for business. For example a ‘with you every step of the way” is remarkable.
Should send a positive message about the brand
A tagline should not in any way be negative.

Taglines use words that impart good feelings and emotional messages to its audience. For example, a perfume company tagline that states” Stay good, feel good” makes the audience feel good and want to stay that way.
Should set your brand from the competition

It could signify how different your business is by making the feature stand out. For example, “the best quality in town”. This means of all companies, your quality is the best and people should certainly prefer it.

Create a connection.
Make people refer to your tagline, let them make recommendations because not only is your tagline representing the product, but also because you deliver what the tagline says about the brand. This eventually builds up to brand loyalty.

Keep it simple
Break it down to a Problem, solution and the ultimate benefit when coming up with a tagline. Let your tagline communication, in as much as you are trying to be creative.

Good luck now coming up with a tagline.

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